technologies that
improve people's
health and
quality of life.

Northwestern University's Ford building

Our Mission

Venture Health Studio is on a mission to build technologies that will shape safety, healthcare, and the medical landscape in the years to come.

Chirag Goel

"At VHS, we are innovating change in several sectors ranging from implementing user-centered design to pioneering digital health solutions."

Chirag Goel Founder/CEO

Our Story

Technological advances are happening faster than ever before. The intersection of medicine and mngineering is bringing solutions to problems we could have only dreamed of solving in the past. We are approaching a new healthcare era involving personalized medicine, pharmacogenomics, artificial intelligence, regenerative engineering, and digital health.
The growth potential in healthcare innovation inspired us to become a part of this revolution. Nevertheless, we found it difficult to access the resources needed to bring these ideas to fruition.

In an attempt to bridge this gap, we founded Venture Health Studio LLC (VHS) in 2020, a holding company for health-tech products and services. Our company is a resident team at Northwestern University's premiere entrepreneurship incubator, The Garage.